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The Rise of a Historic St. Petersburg Building

Why Adaptive Reuse?

Adaptive reuse construction is a great way to give new life to historic structures while also providing a sustainable and efficient construction option for building owners and developers. Summit Design + Build’s adaptive reuse project at 2151 Central Ave in St. Petersburg, FL is a great example of how to give new purpose to a nearly 100-year-old, vacant building.

2151 Central Ave is located in a core commercial corridor, just minutes from downtown St. Petersburg, FL. Built in 1926, it was the new owner’s vision to transform the former multifamily building into a mixed-use development. Plans for the new development included a modern renovation with first floor space for perspective retail and/or restaurant tenants and second floor office space with private offices, conference rooms, a break room, bathrooms and a private deck. The second-floor office would be the new home for the owner of the building, The Anderson Group.

The renovation of 2151 Central Avenue in dowtown St. Petersburg Florida is a great example of how to successfully complete a an adaptive reuse construction project.

Preserving History

It was important to The Anderson Group to maintain the character of the building, including its architectural characteristics which were popular in the 1920’s. The architect for the adaptive reuse project, Design Styles Architecture, helped to create a plan that would preserve those characteristics while also incorporating contemporary elements to bring the building into the 21st century. The new modern design would include skylights, which would bring natural light into the building, a new façade, all new windows and more.

Overcoming Adaptive Reuse Challenges

While working on the project, the Summit team had to overcome multiple challenges that often arise with an adaptive reuse project. Working with the existing shell structure and core of the building, many structural elements had to be re-built and reinforced to ensure the structural integrity of the building. The Summit team also installed a new elevator which required additional structural elements on the back of the building, allowing the building to maintain its ADA requirements. New MEP and life systems were also installed, corresponding with the latest building codes for commercial new construction in the area. With any adaptive reuse project, unique challenges are always expected and finding creative solutions is an exciting and rewarding element of these projects.

The adaptive reuse of 2151 Central Ave was completed in Summer 2020. Selecting the adaptive reuse construction method, as opposed to demolishing and re-building from the ground up, allowed the owner to save valuable time.

If you are considering an adaptive reuse project in the South Florida area, reach out to Summit Design + Build’s Florida team of adaptive reuse construction experts. We can help guide you through the adaptive reuse construction process from start to finish.

2151 Central Avenue Before and After Imagery