Sustainable Construction

If your business is committed to corporate responsibility and sustainability, and to enhancing the health and well-being of its employees, we are well known for our experience working with sustainably advanced facilities.

Sustainable Construction is an ongoing strategic initiative that has been integrated into the corporate values of Summit Design + Build. As a leader in the green building industry, it is our commitment to provide our clients with sustainable buildings that not only cost less to operate, but are environmentally friendly and healthier for their occupants.

Our team is comprised of numerous LEED® Accredited Professionals, who are continually learning the latest advances in green buildings & technology, sustainable products and practices, allowing us to offer leadership and expertise vital to the creation of a sustainable community.

LEED® has become the industry standard for the design, construction and operation of structures, focusing on performance in the following nine areas:
· Location & Transportation
· Sustainable Sites
· Water Efficiency
· Energy & Atmosphere
· Materials & Resources
· Indoor Environmental Quality
· Innovation
· Regional Priority
· Integrative Process

Whether designed to achieve LEED® certification or not, our knowledge of sustainable construction is incorporated into the project process whenever possible.

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