The construction industry is full of budget overruns, project delays and unwanted surprises.

We think that’s wrong. It is our mission to change that by helping each client:

Create a better budget

Accurate estimates to clarify project feasibility

Experience a better process

Easy tracking, less headaches & fewer costly change orders

Build a better

Your business deserves it

Success is when our clients tell us:

“My business is better off for having built this.”

This means we spent their time and money wisely while guiding them through a complicated process.  Scrutinizing the most cost-effective, functional materials and layout that embody the client’s priorities and values is key.

At every stage of the process we ask ourselves, how can we reduce cost and improve function? We shoulder this so our clients can focus on running their business with the least amount of disruption possible. We know that this process can be overwhelming. Success goes beyond building a space on-time and within budget. It’s about what happens after we turnover the space. Business is better. People are happy working there. For Summit, it means building spaces where people & business thrive.

We simplify the complicated

The Summit Construction Process


You share your dream and get to know us


You consider costs and experience the benefit of a team dedicated to giving you a better build

Design Development

You see the development of your building on paper


You watch your building being built right in front of your eyes

Close Out

You move in and your people & business thrive

In Their Words

Featured Projects

Got a napkin sketch, project plans, or building to walk through?

We're here to help you

Start a better build

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