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Preconstruction Services

If you need a clear picture of your project’s cost, we can help evaluate the different scenarios upfront and help you define a plan for your project prior to funding approval.

Whether you bring us a napkin sketch, early schematic design or property listing, our Preconstruction services allow our clients to begin construction with a clear picture of the process and cost. Working closely with the owner, architects, engineers, and designers, we are able to develop acceptable budgets; establish a schedule for completion of all phases; apply value engineering to the design to deliver time and cost savings; and uncover & address complex issues early in the process to save both time and money down the road. Early involvement on projects allows us to ensure the successful construction, timely completion and cost containment of every project.

Summit Design + Build specializes in coordinating and executing all preconstruction efforts to ensure that our clients are aware of all the options and potential challenges their project could face. We don't want to see you spend money producing a design to then find out you are significantly over budget. Time and again, our clients realize their savings in the form of both cost and time.

Got a napkin sketch, project plans, or building to walk through?

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