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Design-Build Construction Services

If you are looking for a single entity to be responsible for the design and construction phases of your project and don’t have an architect or drawings yet, the best place to start is with our design/build services.

The design/build method economizes and streamlines a project by overlapping the design and construction phases with the contractor assuming the majority of the risk. At Summit Design + Build, this means we construct the budget, schedule and building from early concept to completion. Design/build allows for fast track project execution to accommodate accelerated schedules where valuable time and cost can be saved because construction can begin before the entire design is complete.

When serving as your design/builder, we take on the responsibility of hiring and managing the design professionals, consultants and subcontractors. We are still able to follow the Design/Build approach if you already have an architect on board or in mind. We work with numerous design professionals and subs to make sure we have the best people on the project.

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