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Our Process

We simplify the complicated by guiding our clients through a 5-step process


The conceptual phase starts with your napkin sketch. As you share your vision, we help you consider the following to guide and shape it:

  • Location
  • Operational Goals
  • Culture, Values & Identity
  • Target Budget Values
  • Desired Environment
  • Long-Term Business Plans
  • LEED Certifications & Sustainability Goals
  • Project & Design Team
  • System Selections
  • Comparable Costs
  • Value Engineering Goals
  • Conceptual Budget & Schedule

When we work together, we will find feasible solutions that meet your goals and objectives, allowing us to move on to the next step, schematic design.


In the Schematic Phase, you’ll work directly with our in-house cost experts and project managers, who provide input on design ideas as they are developed. We will collaborate with the design team on the following:

  • Due Diligence
  • Geotech
  • Phase I & II Environmental Studies
  • Finalize Site Selection
  • Develop and Finalize the Site Plan
  • Determine Building Footprint
  • Determine Elevation
  • Programming
  • Space Plan
  • Entitlements/Municipal
  • Available Utilities
  • Code Review
  • Building Structural Analysis
  • Critical Path Schedule
  • Schematic Budget
  • Outline Specifications
  • Quantity Takeoffs

By consistently looking for alternative methods and materials, you will see all the options available to fit your budget and make your space or business operations more efficient without compromising design.

Design Development

The next step is translating all the collected information and design intent into more detailed drawings. We will continue to work with you to flesh out the details of the project, including:

Phase one

  • MEP Design
  • Civil Design
  • Final Structural Selection & Design
  • Skin/Facade Cost Structure
  • Initial Material Selection
  • 50-75% of Total Drawings
  • Planning & Zoning
  • Value Engineering
  • Initial Subcontractor Cost & Design Input
  • Update Specs/Budget/Schedule
  • Initial Logistics Plan

Phase two

  • Permits & Issuance
  • 75-90% of Total Drawings
  • Hard Bid
  • Continued Value Engineering
  • Construction Loan Finalized
  • Long Lead Time Material Ordered
  • Update Specs / Budget / Schedule
  • Detailed Logistics Plan
  • Guaranteed Maximum Price
  • Sign Contract
  • Coordination With Municipality/Neighbors

Ultimately, we will have crafted a final design, budget, and schedule and issue construction plans to move into the construction phase.


Your project will take shape, and you will see the design come to life. Following a project kickoff meeting, our team will execute and monitor the following tasks:

  • Adjacent Space Coordination
  • Subcontractor Scope Review & Buyout
  • Mobilize & Implement Logistics
  • On-Board Project Team to Procore
  • Safety Plan & Enforcement
  • Site Security
  • Superintendent On Site
  • Weekly Subcontractor Meetings
  • Subcontractor Compliance
  • Quality Control
  • Submittal Review and Processing
  • Material Procurement
  • Change Application Process
  • Payment Application Process
  • Cost Control & Budget Updates
  • Look-Ahead Schedules with Key Milestone Dates
  • Schedule Management & Updates
  • Owner Meetings
  • Inspections
  • System & Material Testing
  • Progress Reporting Via Weekly Owner Reports & Procore
  • Fabrication Monitoring & Shop Visits
  • Critical System Mockups
  • Moisture Management

Throughout this phase, we will oversee the construction process to ensure conformance with design intent documents, visit the site during construction and address any field conditions as they arise.

Close Out

In this phase, we are nearing completion of the project. The closeout process is implemented as each subcontractor’s work is completed and includes:

  • Summit Pre-Punch
  • Punch List with the Owner
  • Final Inspection
  • Commissioning
  • Owner Training
  • Collect Warranty Letters / As-Built Drawings
  • Maintenance Agreements with Key Subs
  • Move-In Coordination
  • Hand Over Keys
  • Client Survey & Follow-Up
  • Assist With Any Warranty Work/Post-Move-In Service Additional Needs

This final phase, along with those before it, ensures the successful completion of a new building or space where your people and business will thrive.

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