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Summit Design + Build: Building Spaces Where People Thrive

People Thrive @ 1111 W Addison

Summit’s key proposition is “building spaces where people & business thrive.” We know the buildings we have erected tell part of our story, but we want to dive deeper into how our spaces positively impact those who use them.

As the second in Summit’s series of blogs that explore how our spaces are enriching the lives of those who occupy them, we are focusing on 1111 W Addison. This recent project near the intersection of Addison and Clark Street features a 59,000-square-foot, four-story, ground-up commercial construction project with retail on the ground floor and a fitness and bouldering center on the third and fourth floors.

Summit transformed this site from the old Wrigleyville Taco Bell (no need to fret, there is a new Taco Bell in the ground-level retail space of the new building) into a fresh space that serves its community through movement.

Movement Wrigleyville includes three floors wrapped around a central atrium that hosts 11,000 square feet of bouldering, a yoga studio, locker rooms, numerous spaces with fitness equipment, and a support office. The weights and cardio areas have their own floor overlooking the climbing spaces. These spaces provide ample opportunities for individuals to engage in physical activities that promote health and well-being. The abundance of natural light, spaciousness, and well-designed layout contribute to a welcoming and inspiring environment.

Just steps from Wrigley Field, the location of this modern building is prime for all Chicago residents and visitors. With easy walkability, residents now have access to a brand-new 41,895-square-foot climbing gym.

This space contains multitudes. The yoga studio provides a sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of Chicago with an assortment of yoga classes offered daily, ranging from a standard Flow to Acro Yoga to Yin and more. Fitness classes include but are not limited to H.I.I.T., strength, and mobility classes. You can also find climbing lessons at Movement Gym as well as an array of children’s programs such as summer camps and lessons. Community events are another highlight of this space, with upcoming events including Queer climb night, boulders and books, sober meet-ups, and much more. You can book a free tour of this space anytime you like.

I personally visited this facility and was blown away by the accessible climbs and kindness of fellow climbers. The massive space provides ample room for climbing, with routes suitable for all, no matter your skill level. As a beginner, this was especially important to me. Equally as crucial, the sense of community was palpable. I was blown away by the support of fellow climbers, calling out words of encouragement and tips as I attempted certain routes. The accessible climbs and kindness of fellow climbers proved this space is truly for all. Whether you are looking for a solo workout, a friend group hangout, a family excursion, or a space to make new friends, 1111 W Addison has you covered. Plus, the physical benefits of engaging in such activities are extensive, including improved brain health, an extended lifespan, diminished risk of diseases and injuries, and so much more. It is evident that this space was purposefully constructed with the intention of helping people thrive and is doing just that.

1111 W Addison exemplifies Summit’s commitment to building spaces where people and businesses thrive. This facility goes beyond being a mere fitness center, providing a sanctuary for physical activity, a supportive community, and a platform for social connections. By offering a variety of amenities and programs, Summit has created a space that helps individuals of all backgrounds and skill levels thrive physically, mentally, and socially.

Author – Sylvia Miller

1111 West Addison Imagery