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Summit Design + Build: Building Spaces Where People Thrive

Healthcare Facility Construction

Summit is built on one key proposition: “building spaces where people & business thrive.” Our company has always been dedicated to this principle, and we have built a reputation for creating spaces that meet this standard. However, there is more to our story than the buildings we have erected. We want to take the time to thoroughly understand the impact our buildings have on the people who use them.

This is the start of a series of blogs that will delve into how our spaces are positively impacting the lives of those who occupy them. We will be exploring the tangible benefits our clients are experiencing as a result of the spaces we have built. Join us as we explore how Summit is helping people thrive.

One area where Summit Design + Build excels in is medical facility construction. At Summit, we understand that the highest standards of quality and precision are vital to any medical facility construction project. Whether building a primary care or plastic surgery facility, the innovation and value engineering Summit provides are essential to ensure the final product includes leading technology and flexibility for future growth and industry advancements.

This is evident in the various medical facility projects that Summit has completed, including the interior refresh of Orthopedic Specialists. This project included new flooring, paint, and minor electrical and plumbing upgrades. Another notable example is the office build-out for Primary Care Healthcare Associates, which consisted of a reception area, exam rooms, as well as private offices.

Summit also recently completed the new construction of the Tree House Humane Society, a 2-story cat adoption center for a non-profit humane organization that features veterinary clinics, open-air cat patios, a cat café, an outdoor terrace, and offices and meeting rooms. Proving Summit creates places where even felines can thrive!

The Human Society’s new facility not only offers a range of amenities such as a newly constructed shelter, vet clinic, meeting rooms, and offices, but also enhances the overall working environment, making it more pleasant and conducive for employees and visitors alike. The new open-air environment was constructed with tall ceilings and plenty of windows, that provide natural light. These improvements have turned the Tree House Humane Society into a cutting-edge animal shelter that provides an inviting environment that one can feel as soon as they walk through the door. The transition from an old storefront to this new facility has made a significant positive impact on everyone involved, empowering the organization to fulfill their mission and protect cats in need.

The best spaces are ones that accommodate users and improve daily lives. The medical spaces that Summit builds do just that. The results are tangible, whether that’s better access to healthcare because your doctor is just around the corner, or a more relaxing smooth doctor’s appointment because the office is built in a calming and organized fashion. The way a space is built alters the experience of the patient. From the moment a patient enters one of our medical spaces, they can feel the attention to detail and care that went into its construction. The spaces we build are designed to make the patient experience as comfortable and stress-free as possible. At Summit, we approach construction with the goal of enhancing the lives of those who use the spaces we create, and we take pride in the tangible results that come from our efforts.

Our focus on medical facility construction is just one example of how we are able to achieve our one key proposition. Our dedication to this principle extends beyond just medical spaces. We also specialize in recreational facility construction, creating spaces that provide opportunities for physical activity, a sense of community, and much more. We are proud of the impact our spaces have on the lives of those who use them and we look forward to exploring this further in our upcoming series of blogs.

Author – Sylvia Miller